Diagnostic test Co‐Development and Commercialisation

Diagnostic test Co‐Development and Commercialisation The MDRG has been highly successful in commercialising their technologies with enterprise partners. NUIG has licensed MDRG technologies and the MDRG team has worked with 3 of the 6 world leading In vitro diagnostic companies to successfully translate their research from the lab bench to the marketplace. These alliances have included licenses with Innogenetics N.V. to develop the NUIG platform Spacer probe technology into the Roche LightCycler® SeptiFast range of products for the detection of blood‐borne pathogens, developed in association with Roche and launched in 2006. Also a major licensing and collaborative co‐development R&D programme agreement was signed with Beckman Coulter in 2008 to develop a range of diagnostic assays to detect both bacterial and fungal species in human clinical diseases. The tests designed and developed through the feasibility stage, have been transferred and are in commercial development by Beckman Coulter. Other collaborations with Irish and global industry partners have been completed; however these programmes are not in the public domain, due to confidentiality agreements.