Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research Group (MMDRG)

About Us

The Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research Group uses experimental techniques to identify the specific mechanosensation and mechanotransduction mechanisms by which bone cells sense mechanical stimuli. These studies have contributed a novel understanding of changes in bone mechanobiology during osteoporosis. This research has been applied to understand the role of mechanical stimulation in bone regeneration and she develops in vitro tissue regeneration strategies that exploit mechanobiological responses to overcome challenges in the field of bone tissue engineering.

“Mechanobiology is an emerging field at the interface of biology and engineering, which seeks to understand the mechanisms by which biological cells sense and respond to mechanical signals (mechanotransduction). Dr. McNamara’s research group use multidisciplinary approaches to derive understanding of bone mechanobiology and how this process contributes to development, physiology and bone disease”.

mmdrg_image Image showing contour plots of shear stress on representative osteocyte cell membranes.