Research groupings at The National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science
Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster AGRC

Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster (AGRC)

Structures and roles of sugar chains attached to proteins and lipids in biological systems

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Regenerative Medicine Institute REMEDI

Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI)

Minimally invasive therapeutic approaches to promote organ and tissue repair and regeneration

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Apoptosis Research Centre ARC

Apoptosis Research Centre (ARC)

Investigating mechanisms of cell death and cell stress and their relationship to human diseases

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Galway Neuroscience Centre GNC

Galway Neuroscience Centre (GNC)

Centre of excellence for interdisciplinary neuroscience research and education

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Centre for Chromosome Biology CCB

Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB)

An interactive network of researchers investigating topics linked to the biology of genomes.

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Molecular Diagnostics Research Group MDRG

Molecular Diagnostics Research Group (MDRG)

Rapid molecular diagnostics tests for infectious diseases and cancer.

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Infection and Immunology IIC

Infection and Immunology (IIC)

Diagnostic and treatment approaches for the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, immune responses and immune system dysfunction.

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Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research Group MMDRG

Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research Group (MMDRG)

The Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research Group uses experimental techniques to identify the specific mechanosensation and mechanotransduction mechanisms by which bone cells sense mechanical stimuli.

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