President’s Awards for Support Services Excellence for Gerardine Moloney

Congratulations to Gerardine Moloney on her recent accolade President’s Award for Support Services Excellence. This is richly deserved recognition of Ger’s contribution to the past and ongoing development of the NCBES. Specifically, the selection committee for this award noted two major points:

•Gerardine was central to supporting the coordination of research groups and individuals from the south campus to the new Biomedical Sciences building on the north campus, and to the transfer of highly sensitive management systems, while she continued to respond effectively to the needs of NCBES scientists dispersed elsewhere on campus.  Among her many achievements has been her contribution to NCBES core facilities—to the establishment, for example, of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility, and to the fee-for-service charging system, which has ensured the quality, sustainability and ongoing incremental improvement of the FCCF.

•Gerardine is a highly respected member of the NCBES team, who is regarded by her colleagues and associates as solutions-focused, enthusiastic, committed, flexible, eager to help, and willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of the NCBES research community.