Outreach at NCBES

  • Galway Science & Technology Festival

    The Galway Science & Technology Festival was established in 1997 to bring shows and workshops to primary and secondary schools throughout Galway City and County engaging the students and nurturing their interest in the STEM subjects.  The final day Exhibition attracts over 25,000 visitors to the NUI Galway Campus and is now the largest Science Exhibition for families in Ireland and a great day out full of entertainment, education and wonder. The NCBES has been a contributor to this festival since 2001. William Brennan is the main coordinator and sits on both the Galway Science & Technology Forum, and the local NUI Galway Science & Technology Committee.

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  • NCBES Roadshow

    The NCBES Roadshow has been running as part of the Galway Science & Technology Festival since 2002. It visits Secondary Schools throughout the City and county and delivers an exciting presentation on what is being done in NUI Galway regarding Science, Engineering & Medicine. The show is presented by William Brennan and can be booked online.

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  • Science Achievement Awards

    The Science Achievement Award is a new initiative set up in 2015 by the NCBES to bring students who are intellectually challenged into our labs for a day’s training. The students are instructed by both lecturers and students who give them a hands on approach to scientific experiments. And the end of the day, the students receive a certificate indicating their attendance to the University for this event. This programme is run by William Brennan, Gerardine Moloney, Eadaoin Timmins from the NCBES along with support from Prof. Rhodri Ceredig (Director NCBES) and Prof Donal Leech (Dean of Science NUI Galway). This programme is expected to escalate in the coming years.

  • Challenge Science

    Challenge Science takes students into third level institutions where they are introduced to science in a practical and imaginative way. It is run by Junior Achievement Ireland and has been held in the NCBES for the last two years. It is hoped to continue with this programme on an annual basis. It is coordinated by William Brennan as part of the NCBES Outreach Programme.

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  • Teen Tech

    TeenTech is an industry-led initiative that helps students understand how STEM subjects are the pathway to tomorrow’s careers and to give teenage inventors and innovators a head start! It was held for the first time in Ireland at NUI Galway in March 2015. The award winning event brought 300 teenagers from 30 secondary schools across Galway City & County together with over 140 scientists, engineers and technologists for a day of interesting challenges and experiments. Students and teachers met with leading science and technology companies and found out about the career opportunities and the skills required to pursue a career therein. It is expected that this event will run annually here in NUI Galway. It is coordinated by William Brennan as part of the NCBES Outreach Programme.


    Cell EXPLORERS is a science education and outreach programme based in the School of Natural Sciences in NUI Galway.
    The aim of programme is to inform, inspire and involve the public through hands-on discovery of the science of living things and the research that takes place in the School of Natural Sciences. Cell EXPLORERS outreach activities include school roadshows, science festival workshops and on-campus activities, as well as science holiday camps (Find out more on our website on the Read More link below)
    The programme is establishing a unique model of sustainable public engagement for higher education institutions. It engages university science students in science communication, outreach and education projects as part of their curriculum, and complements this with the activities of a volunteer group made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and researchers. In the 2014-15 academic year 130 people were part of the Cell EXPLORERS team. NCBES team members participated in the Fantastic DNA Roadshow, the Cell EXPLORERS and Brain EXPLORERS workshops, and the School of Natural of Sciences Next Top Model Organism interactive exhibition. Any students or staff members interested in joining the programme should email cellexplorers@nuigalway.ie.
    The programme, run by Dr Claire Concannon and Dr Muriel Grenon, is mainly funded by the School of Natural Sciences and Science Foundation Ireland Discover.

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    ReelLIFE SCIENCE is a science communication programme for primary and secondary schools in Ireland, based in the NCBES. Students of all ages engage with science by communicating a topic, such as ‘Science in Space’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Smart Medical Devices’ or ‘Science Heroes’ via a short science video. Since 2013, more than 5,000 students in 178 schools from all around Ireland have produced over 400 videos. These Irish-produced science videos have more than 60,000 views in 113 countries, educating the general public in an entertaining way about diverse topics, such as ‘The Future for Stem Cells’, ‘The Secret Life of Honeybees’, ‘Astrobiology’ and the life of ‘Heroine of Science – Marie Curie’. Winning videos are screened each year at the Galway Science and Technology Festival, and the best videos since 2013 have been included in a ‘Video Library’ on the ReelLIFE SCIENCE website (www.reellifescience.com) as a learning and teaching resource for students and teachers.

    ReelLIFE SCIENCE is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover programme and the CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices, and more than €7000 has been awarded directly to the winning schools, for their own science programmes. Each year, science students, academics, technical officers and administrative staff from all over NUI Galway, including the NCBES, volunteer their time to help judge the students’ work. The winning videos are then chosen by a panel of Special Guest Judges, who have included Canadian Astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield, UCD Mathematics Lecturer Dr. Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin and NCBES Director Prof. Rhodri Ceredig.
    The programme is run by Dr. Enda O’Connell. Students and staff members interested in getting involved for 2016 should email reellifescience@nuigalway.ie

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